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What started out as a concept in 2017 with a dream and a tag line, #RiseUp, Rise Up Coaching was born into “official” existence in 2019!

Rise Up Coaching provides Workshops, Keynotes, and Business Coaching on Hiring Strategy, Growth Strategy, Social Selling/Branding, US Market Entry, and Founder/Professional Leadership Development.

Rise Up Coaching will deliver dynamic sessions that will not only inspire, but give clear actionable takeaways that you can implement immediately to drive change and results.

About me


Robert (Rob) Napoli is a startup strategist, business coach, and speaker based in Brooklyn, NYC. Originally from the Midwest, his journey has taken him from his hometown in Kansas City, Missouri to New York City by way of Milan, Italy. As Principal of Hapday Group, he specializes in business development, go-to market, and hiring strategy for startups looking to launch in the US market.

Rob started his career in recruitment in the Technology sector in the Midwest with Fortune 500 and Forbes 100 companies. After five years, he moved to Milan to pursue a Masters in International Multi-Channel Marketing, where he also spent two years working for a global e-commerce startup. Rob moved to New York over 3 years ago to work for one of the largest global recruitment agencies and since then he has had some incredible stops that have lead to him launching Rise Up Coaching LLC. With over nine years of experience in sales, marketing, and talent acquisition, he is very active as a startup coach for several accelerators in New York City specializing in helping US and non-US companies. Rob is passionate about corporate innovation, startups, growth, and where to find the best whiskey bar in Manhattan.

As an International Speaker and Founder of Rise Up Coaching LLC, Rob covers the topics of Hiring Strategy in Today’s Economy, How to Connect With and Retain Millennial Talent, Social Selling, Growth and Scaling, and US Market Strategy. Rise Up Coaching is a consultancy to help your event or company gain valuable insights on how to hire, build, and scale the best teams in a hyper-connected world.

How to connect and hire millenials

The ART of hiring has changed!

In this “gig” economy, millennial employees are making career moves about every 18-months. Many organizations and companies are struggling to keep up. Top talent does not care about ping-pong tables or free kegs (although they don’t hurt).

What do they care about?

Come to grips with millennial needs and expectations. Learn practical strategies (from a millennial speaker/coach/entrepreneur!) to create purpose driven missions, develop programs for growth, and keep the top-talent for the long term.

learning objectives

This experiential session will engage you to:

  • Identify top market trends driving the current hiring market for millennials.
  • Understand what millennials are looking for in meaningful work and how to build strategies to connect with and hire this talent.
  • Create opportunities for growth and align your practices/culture/mindset to keep millennial top talent for the continued success of your organization.

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How to master the art of social selling for your brand and busines

Social sellingwe hear itbut how do we effectively do it? Does this mean becoming an “influencer”? Does social selling take the place of B2B or B2C sales? There are many questions and variations of social selling.

It is not simply advertising on social media. Social selling creates a message that propels you to stand out amongst the noise and provide value to your networks. Learn social selling skills that will help set you, your brand, and your meeting apart. Understand techniques for utilizing tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Taboola, and Outbrain to maximize social selling, stand out in today’s global market.

learning objectives

This experiential session will engage you to:

  • Understand WHAT Social Selling is, WHY it is important to do for your brand and business, and the VALUE it will bring.
  • Discover what tools and platforms work best for your goals.
  • Learn HOW to get started!

This interactive presentation will build confidence by showing you how and why to take action on the ART of Social Selling. This session will teach practical strategies that will add value to your networks and drive personal and professional growth.

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How to sell in the US Market

The US GDP per capita is higher than that of the entire European Union. On any company’s path to globalization, such a vast and abundant market serves as a north star for successful international expansion. But, at the same time, the US is one of the most oversaturated and competitive landscapes to tackle. The sales processes, messaging, and culture is vastly different than the majority of the world.

As a foreigner, how does one penetrate this market? Where do you begin? Messaging? Investment? Sales?

learning objectives

This experiential session will engage you to:

  • Understand WHAT value is, WHY it is important to do for your brand and business, and the VALUE it will bring to your customer journey.
  • Discover what tools, platform, and process will work best for your business objectives
  • Learn and understand how the US Market works and what steps you need to make sure to nail in order to sell here.
  • Learn HOW to get started!

This interactive workshop will build confidence by showing you how and why to take action on selling into the US Market as a non-US company. This session will teach practical strategies that will add value to your organization. Selling into the US is tough, this workshop will help you understand the WHAT and WHY of the market, empowering you to know HOW to tame the beast and get started selling!

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Are your ready to #RiseUp?

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” Rob Napoli is an engaging speaker with vivacious energy and a passion for helping people. (Full disclosure, I was his speech coach in his teen years.)  I’ve heard Rob speak several times… from winning a State Rotary Speech Competition in middle school to delivering the Graduation Address in graduate school in Milan, Italy. With 10 years of experience in business, coaching, and speaking, he is skilled at blending his knowledge and expertise with audience interaction, storytelling and humor to create and deliver dynamic presentations.  I highly recommend Rob Napoli to any organization who needs a boost of positive energy! “

– Cathy Newton, Professional Keynote Speaker,

“For the third consecutive year, Robert Napoli came to speak to share his extensive experience and knowledge with our Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship covering a wide range of timely subjects related to how to stand out in a hyper-connected world. As always, he was an inspirational, engaging and informative speaker and engaged our students through out his presentation. He gave valuable career and professional advice and invited the fellows to expand their career development with his book recommendations. All Ruhr Fellows gave extraordinary and enthusiastic feedback on his presentation and coaching. The GACC is excited to have him as a partner and we look forward to continuing this excellent relationship and even expand it by inviting Robert to speak at a GACC member event.” 

– Cindy Klarwasser, Senior Manager | Careers and Education, German American Chamber of Commerce (NYC)

” It was a pleasure having Rob as a speaker and mentor at NUMA New York. His passion is contagious and he has been extremely helpful to our team and to the startup Program. Rob helped the CEOs of the startups in our accelerator to understand the best practices for recruiting and sales in the US. He is a brilliant speaker and we had the pleasure of having him as a lecturer and mentor for the past year at NUMA. His attitude, presence and thoughtfulness have been inspiring and a precious resource for our team, we can’t wait to have him again in our next Program! ”

– Giulia Imperatrice, Acceleration Program Manager, NUMA New York

Upcoming events

AI Tech Summit (Future Tech Week)


Innogate International Accelerator, NYC


WebExpo2019 in Prague, Czech Republic


WebExpo2019 in Prague, Czech Republic


Past events

German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC)

Transatlantic Ruhr Fellowship Skills Seminar, NYC

13 AUGUST 2019

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