Today we decided to get Christine a cool vintage city bike so she can ride to work everyday. She is working in Brera, a nice district in Milan which only take about 20 minutes by foot to get there. Of course with her classic style we found a green (her favorite color) vintage bike online. After going and looking at it, we knew it was the one!

So we live in city center, and we went to the Piola stop on the green line just a few stops away. Since we got her a new bike of course we had to ride it home! (my idea) So I grab a bike from the BikeMi stop and lead the way, for those that understand Milan, we were heading from the Leonardo Politecnico Campus and basically had a straight shot to Porta Vineza into Porta Nuova.

As we are going along, the directions said should only take about 30 minutes to bike, after about 20 minutes after passing Porta Vittorio, something felt a little wrong. As I am thinking this I am boasting to Christine that I finally have Milan figured it. Little did we know and judging by knowing that Porta Vittoria is the wrong way… Porta Vittoria is Sount of where we were and he needed to head East. Meaning yes me and my innate sense of direction got us lost, …again. So after re- routing and riding another 40 minutes back home we made it.


The plus side, we broke in Christine’s new bike Olive with a nice long adventure and got to explore a little bit more of Milan. All in all sometimes getting a little lost is healthy and makes for an adventure.

And Christine is happy with her new city bike Olive.

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