What is it about the game of football that time and time again drags me in? Every year for the last few years, I have always said, this is it, my last ride. I have been around football, either playing or coaching for the last 26 months straight. And once again I was approached to join the staff as an Assistant Coach.

Currently for the U19 team of the Seamen Milano, I am coaching the quarter backs and helping with the offense. I absolutely love working the kids of the U19 and U16 teams working through footwork drills, throwing progressions, and option reads. Even more, these kids are very coachable and incredibly talented.

Maybe one day I will decide to step away from an active part in the game and become a spectator but until then, football is a big part of my life. I truly believe in giving back and helping coach players and athletes to get better both on the field and in the gym. I believe that the sport of football teaches us how to be leaders, teammates, how to step up when needed, and how to put our heads down and grind. Football has many ups and downs and teaches us so many life lessons.

It may not be much, but I believe this is a great way I can give back and help develop young kids into not only good athletes, but hopefully better men.

The Seamen Milano Junior teams kick off Sunday with a derby against the Rhinos Milano. Make sure to check out the game if you are in Milano or follow us on socials for updates!

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Photo Credit: Dario Fumagalli