It feels like forever since I last sat down with the intention of writing. I have many voice notes, emails, texts, ever notes of things I want to blog, write, talk about but so much has changed it fell off as a priority.

For a long time writing was something I did for me and no one else, I was always good at telling stories, many which came from personal/life experiences, with the added dramatic flare. But underneath all that has always been small scratches of notes, experiences, quotes, and dreams that I have written down but never full thoughts, sentences, or paragraphs.

Then one day in Italy I was encouraged to put my life into words to help stay connected with family back home but also because I always hoped that I could inspire others to step out of their own comfort zones… For a long time I stayed in my little glass box, pushing it where I wanted, but never doing what I really wanted or needed to do to get out. That all changed in a series of events with the right people in my life and the desire to leap head first without thinking. I wound up in Italy on a journey that has now landed me in New York City. A place that I never in my life imagined I would end up in, but now that I am here am living my own Boiler Room, Wolf of Wall Street, or insert whatever tv show, movie, or book dream.

It is crazy to think that I am in the process of selling my first home, a home I bought over 3 years ago and lived in for only 16 months, a home that I bought to be an adult, to prove that I could do and be, a home that I will always cherish for the memories, the lessons, and what it showed me about me.

Funny to think that just over a year I ago I was sitting in a room full of a couple hundred people graduating with a Master’s degree, coaching American Football Professionally in Milan, and working for an awesome startup where I was challenged head on with things you can only experience and learn by doing. There are some things you just cannot learn in a classroom. And as 2016 came to a close we were presented with a unique decision… what next? Do we try and extend our stay in Italy? Do we move back home where we own a house? Or look somewhere new like Seattle, Chicago, or dare I say New York? Then the decision seemed to make itself, we were both presented with an opportunity to work in New York, so we figured why not make another big jump and we moved to the Big Apple, the City That Never Sleeps, or to some The Greatest City in the World.

The first 3 months were crazy to say the least, finding an apartment in New York was …. expensive, stressful, and crazy, everything you would expect, but we did it and moved to Brooklyn. Next was trying to get an office started, and to do that, securing funding from investors on a VERY short runway. Life happens and while we were able to do some amazing things, it was time for me and the startup to step away at the time. That led me to for the first time in 6 years to search for a job, in one of the most competitive and expensive cities in the world. Challenge accepted! 42 days, 29 interviews, and countless rejection emails later, I accepted and started a new job… back in recruitment. To be honest leaving to get my Master’s and working in a startup I thougth I was going to be some big shot marketer, but I forgot how much I loved working with and networking with people. So in an interesting turn I was offered the opportunity to join a Global organization (check), work in marketing (check), and be around some very competitive and smart individuals to learn from (check). So getting back into recruiting and getting to talk marketing, with marketers, all day, lets get it!

So that is where I stand today, in a new job, in a new city, and for the first time in my life, not playing or coaching football. Which is weird considering I am now 30 and wonder if I still got it? My competitive fire burns bright and life without football is a struggle. But NYC offers so many other experiences so its time to see what is next in life. Excited to be where I am and creating a life that is mine, full of experiences, uncomfortable lessons, and fulfilling growth. I hope to write more about my time here, experiences, adventures, and lessons. The list is long, so stay tuned for more adventures.

If you have anything you want to hear about drop me a line and check me out on Instagram @RobbyNap and see whats up!

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