Currently working for Beast Technologies I have been working hard back in the weight room. At one point in my training life I was training to compete in a powerlifting meet and had worked up to a 420lb Bench, 595lb Squat, and a 600lb Deadlift, which was a pretty good overall 1,615 lb total and was knocking on the 1,700 pound club weighing in at 245 lbs. But then I decided to lace up the cleats one more time and play one last season with the Des Moines Blaze winning our 5th starting MFA League Title in a OT thriller that I will never forget.

From there it was time to start my well documented Grad School Journey to Italy. One that has been an amazing learning experience filled with many ups and downs. But one that has led me to have had the amazing opportunity to Coach Series A First Division Football for the Milano Seamen as well as now coaching for the Milano Seamen Academy U19 division. I love to coach and it is a great passion of mine. Working with athletes and helping them develop both in sport and as a person is something that I love to do.

My internship with Beast Technologies which I have talked about here, has given me the opportunity to blend my experience in Marketing Management (which I went to school for), with my background in Technology and Account Management (which I did professionally for 5 years), and my love for lifting and sport (which has dominated my life). This unique opportunity has really challenged me to get back to lifting heavy things. I am currently training 6 athletes getting them ready for the upcoming football season as well as training my self for possible competition in the powerlifting community in 2017.

As I reflect my football playing days might be coming to end but my ability to compete will not, coaching and lifting provide me with the competition, drive, grit, and determination which drives me everyday and I can never seem to get enough of. I plan on continuing to push my body to the limit and scratch and claw my way to the 1,700 and ultimately the 1,800 lbs club. Just recently I smashed a new personal best in the bench press, pressing 440 lbs. One step closer to my journey!

I am not sure what alway will be next for me but as long as I have an outlet to compete and get better I will. I have a fear of being complacent, of being average. I want to be the best at everything I do, from sports to speaking. I hope that one day I can continue to coach and even teach, as well as be a keynote speaker later in life. I have many goals and plans and everyday look forward to grinding and chasing those goals!